... a tour in which music takes on its own voice as you walk past places and structures
... a journey to the inner fantasy of every spectator


“The VIA MUSICA guided tour is a challenging project, one that tries to connect different layers:
music, history, architecture and our own experiences and knowledge. 
The question with every guided tour should be how to rediscover the realities we are trying to unearth in a new way. 
In that sense the project is a beautiful step into a direction that is important for us:
less didactic and more empowering, less obvious and more creative. 
Music becomes the guide in this tour, and we, as its protagonists, have the possibility to engage with it in many different ways;
we are invited to make connections between realities we were not aware of.
That should be the goal of every artistic project: inviting audiences to become the real designers of their experience.”
from José Luis Villalobos (Previous Coordinator Cultural Empowerment De Munt, Brussels)
Nomination for the Social Art Award in Berlin (05/2017)

By the Institute for Art and Innovation

Vernissage & Book Launch on 5/09/2017 @Whiteconcepts Gallery (Berlin)


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