HeyHey, I’m Sigrid from Belgium and I sing and swing in Brussels.

My artistic language blends a hybrid mix of music, words, movements and visual elements.

It seems like I’m a millipede, but on my 2 feet am I a classically formed VIOLIST, A PERFORMER, COMPOSER, WRITER, CONCEPT DESIGNER, COACH in my art-education program called Sigi’s Boat, A RESEARCHER into the meaning and purpose of music in Total Art and eventually a freelance GUIDE at the opera house La Monnaie in Brussels.

All those skills are ‘instruments’ with which I tell all kinds of stories: musical and visual ones. With my compositions I invite you to look through a magnifying glass and touch ground with the elusive.

I intend to call my work: an artistic perpetuum mobile, and in order to let this conception come alive, I’ve constructed the following sentences: I smile, you smile and we share an inner smile & I will have been creating, you will have been creating and we will have been bringing about a new story.

So about the question: "Am I musician, performer, writer, composer or guide? Is it all together or where is the line drawn? I keep the conception: I'm just an artistic Alchemist.

I invite you to take a look at my artistic universe.

And bid you heartily welcome!

Let’s dance to that perpetual mobile in which I’m deeply looking forward to meeting you!

Bye for now!


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I studied viola with Leo De Neve at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp and attended master classes with Ervin Schiffer, Mikhail Bezverkny, Yvietta Matison and Eduard Wulfson. // I was a resident artist at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Banff, Canada) in 2000 for viola & composition and in 2003 for viola, performance & composition. // As a freelance viola player I have worked in several Belgian chamber music formations, classical orchestra's and ensembles. // I have played shows with Frank Michael, Julien Clerc, Liza Minelli, Cat Power and Robby Lakatos. And I have collaborated with Eric Raeves, de Verrukking, Wayn Traub, Praga Khan (a.k.a. Lords Of Acid), Dirk Hendrikx, Company Ubbergen, the saxophone Esquire Quartet, Walter Verdin, Bud Blumenthal, Manuela Nogales and Inti Theatre (Brussels).