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is a thematic anchor for the imagination as well as an art educational course for children between 5 and 12 years old.



It is a Meccano-style wooden boat with a size of 120cm x 300cm with which we can express an idiosyncratic story by improvising, rhythmic instruments, movement and different characters.

All the pillars of musical education are discussed. And once we are away from the shores, in the wide waters of the imaginary, SIGI'S BOAT becomes the floating nutshell where trust, togetherness and fantasy move freely.

The Atelier that accompany SIGI'S BOAT always start with a warm-up. Then I invite the children to listen to a short musical intermezzo, which I play on my viola.

SIGI'S BOAT invites the children to move towards and explore to the scaffolding of the familiar, the narrative imagination.



Keywords: Art Education / Music / Stories / Collaboration / Research / Creativity / Fantasy Unfolding

SIGI'S BOAT workshop is held preferably with a group of 10 to 16 children. If more children participate, I propose to test a few organizational matters, objectives and guidelines in advance.

For a workshop series during school hours, I’d like to talk to the person(s) responsible in advance about the desired objectives and guidelines. In the after-school activities, the emphasis is on playing parts in full creativity.

I come to you with this wooden Meccano boat that neatly fits in a suitcase, with wooden screws, rhythm instruments and yellow paper flags.

To be able to determine a good wind direction, I would need a space of minimum 5x5m, white A4 pieces of paper, color pencils and at least 1 supervisor.


DATES  can be set for the 2018-19 school year 

COST PRICE  for the Ateliers by SIGI'S BOAT€200 per 2h workshop (VGC grant will be included for the schools in Brussels). These expenses include travel expenses for Brussels & exclusively for all trips outside the agglomeration.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST  You may prefer a workshop of Sigi's Boot tailored to your school or organization. That’s perfectly possible: Let’s brainstorm together!

Please be welcome to contact me for all your questions.


Contact: Sigrid Keunen +32 496 647 677


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