I bid you heartily welcome to my first New Newer Newsletter.

It was a taking journey to come to this point or the completion of my Patreon Profile and now the start is made, it feels like I was a garden-architect and swap the job for agriculturist.

So let’s cultivate, generate and refine.

Firstly, I’m very exited to announce you my first improvisation concert in a Gallery here in Brussels on May 16. My out-of-the-box performance named A STEPPING STONE is for viola, an in-visible friend & a white curtain and will be a musical collaboration with Conzuela Numez from Berlin.

You can find me those days in the library where I look into translations in opera. Yeah, there is something to dig into. Like I tell in my guided tours: “Till approximately 1960 operas were translated in the spoken language of the theatre. After that an appreciation of the original form or composition was respected. On the other hand and at present, there still exist translated performed operas, and in the first place I think of the English National Theatre. Must be very special to hear Mozart in your own language.”

So I will investigate on what the intrinsic reason was and is, next to how is it musically justified and what was the used technique in the past? Was or is there a loss on the musical signification? Or does it rather give a straightforward input? Are we receiving the storyline with its emotions differently in that case?

The reason why my interest is woken up for this subject?

The implementation of the concept of my Toddler Opera: AHOI! The story in A story in The Story and because the libretto will be written in Portuguese by Michaela Ferreira. The purpose is to translate this libretto into the language of the children and second aim is to collaborate with a local children’s choir.

For now I can tell that Misha Downey is the dramaturge and that I will compose the music. Along the way I will inform you about the other artists of the Artistic Team.

Main content of the Play: The First story will be told on the boat by the Captain, A second story played by the rocks at sea, and The third story is the summary.

Eventually, be welcome to add your own made-up stories below the 2 other Just-A-Moment videos I will post in the upcoming weeks.

And further, as an agriculturist I’m going to the landscape of life; see you there?!



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