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A Storytelling Concert

AND IT SOUNDS AS... for viola, voice & gloves

Would my flowers also go dancing in the castle? asks little Ida herself.

The ugly little duckling stretches his wings and flies to the horizon!

A high pile of mattresses with underneath... a teeny-tiny round pea!

While she accompanies herself on the viola, Sigrid Keunen tells 3 fairy tales of H.C. Andersen in a present-day interpretation.

The stories are interspersed with a sign language poem, a musical dance from the first cello suite of J.S. Bach & a public conversation about a very special trip to a skyscraper.

AND IT SOUNDS AS... caresses the ears!



... by a Belgium Local TV channel; Performed on 16/12/2016 in Dutch & provided with subtitles

Sigrid vertelt in De Wolf lager