I present you with the start of a yearlong cycle of words-mix. In a short weekly column I will share with you contemplations and musings about my reflections on the notion of a circle.



Let it start somewhere.

Let it reveal itself like a cutaway diagram of my perceptions where perspectives appear.

Let it reveal an arranged sequence of points where they form – to your own liking - an imperfect or perfect circumference.

Can one cut through a vicious circle by just cutting corners?

Oh dear, just cut it

I’m writing at a somewhat circular table, they have cut off 1/8 of the table to match two tables together so it looks like a big 8.


You name it: it’s two to tango, it’s at least three to circle dance, four places in the cabin of a Ferris wheel and eventually hey five!




Where are the days when cars had a lengthening piece with a mirror at its end?


Nowadays one can see the rearview mirror is a more streamlined extension of the car. Times change. Oh yeah, uncountable different types for ditto tastes.


The one I have is round, actually there are 2, left and right, ha!

Old car mirrors put in a pot filled with concrete:

A silver round mirror on a clay pot painted gold

They gaze in-to the room


Just as a reminder to stand still from time to time

A reversed view on several issues

To anticipate on a vista or

That perspective that broadens horizons


So eventually those 2 rearward mirrors only flower when you see look into them 




My quest for solving solutions bumped lately into the use of a jimmy

It was an act of liberation and of course in an awesome Pirate film

That wonderful instrument moved a simple but awkward situation into freedom

In what manner is it working for emotions and releasing old pains?

Guess I’m in a square mood of thinking those days

The circles are floating on the horizon

Playing the untouchables


There might be a solution:

Just the Now


The Now as a jimmy to lever awful memories

So air bubbles can drift liberty..

Do air bubbles drift liberty..

On an equal level presented: the question and the answer

Like the-chicken-and-the-egg paradox


I love the idea that jimmy is not only a jimmy but can be a Jimmy as well

So all hens on deck

Something is moving

and let’s jimmy




The famous singer speaks with a nasty smelling lady.

Just daily life stuff as I can hear it while sitting next to them

The wind blows it in my face.

Very annoying.

Luckily it sounded like the singer sings his speech.

I float in between

The fragrance of an enthusiastic audience

And his ever-sparkling and raw voice

A passing car

Their conversation slides away

It’s broiling.