Juan d'Oultremont & Sigrid Keunen on stage
Performance in la Maison Autrique 16/12/2016 (Brussels)

This hilarious novel COUNTDOWN

by writer & artist Juan d'Oultremont (Be) was selected for the Prix Rossel (2015)

The story tells the wanderings of Judas Klaus-Thauman, he receives an e-mail from an unknown person who proposes to send him every Monday her culinary soap opera. In reply, he promises to write her every day of the upcoming year. His writings become a countdown and at the end he will ask her to marry him.

Please access following link to my musical intermezzo https://vimeo.com/199891077


Hereby the translation of the conversation @2'30" in video:

Lucas: "It's odd to see how girls remove their sweater by crossing their arms in front, while the guys pull it out by grabbing at the skin of their back."

Me: "Guys always have the impression that they are doing judo while women undress like a prayer."


Lucas Meister, lecture

Sigrid Keunen, viola & voice

Youri Dirkx, voicing & coach

Organized by Albertina asbl