The sky, the sea, the earth, a swimming pool and the storm for dance & viola a creation with Jaime Martinez (Spain)

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Inspired by the 4 elements combined with the element of ether, this performance of live viola music and Butoh dance presents a laboratory of experimentation.

Through junction and improvisation in an elaborated structure our objective seeks to accomplish a tangible essence by awareness.

The audience enters a white space with the sound of running water in the background.

They can see a musician lying on the ground, rotating axially while playing pizzicato.

After, the dancer comes by passing the audience. He drops stones, one by one, as if he reduces his memories and leaves knowledge behind. Totally liberated, he enters the scene and bodily expresses all elements, one by one. His dance exists of fiction & non-fiction.

The climax is expressed by the natural connexion of an innocent child, (or someone else from the public) who will offer on a pre-prepared but unexpected moment the symbol of life and love: an apple.

Within this move, everything shifts: the light, the movements and the music.

While the dancer eats the apple, we enter different atmosphere. In other words: while we are merged with the challenge of his action, this gesture calls the hidden place in the heart of our being.

This performance invites you to experience, to undergo that moment in which an inner voice can express its right heartbeat.



Coming from different artistic backgrounds and countries, Sigrid and Jaime share their notions about honesty, strength, and beauty. Improvisation and serendipity were their motto in making this performance on July 14 2015 in Madrid.


Jaime Martinez: concept, décor, costumes, dance & video editing

Sigrid Keunen: concept, décor, costumes & viola improvisation



Jaime Martinez & Sigrid Keunen:
Madrid 14/07/2015