for violin, viola & little box



Concept & viola: Sigrid Keunen, Concept & violin: Julie Haas


Junction Art Festival, Toronto 8 & 9/09/07, Residency Q-O2 Brussels, 5-11/09/07

& Performance Mix Festival, by New Dance Alliance, in Joyce Theatre Soho, New York, 28/02 and 03/03/09



 A little red box with white performers in a white box and a white decor.

 The idea of the music box is used as the starting point for a wordless performance for two musicians (violin & viola).

The sheer fact of opening a music box brings about certain thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Likewise, the two musicians in the box try to bring about certain emotions and feelings, with music and movement. 
This performance is a 'junction' between classical music and performance, a 'junction' between life and fantasy.

How does a little girl feel, opening such a box for the first time? What about a woman who spots a box in an antique shop? What's going through one's mind on the eve of a marriage? And what about the melancholy of a grandmother reminiscing about the past?



© Patricia Mathieu