Event Date

A Stepping Stone 

  a ballad for viola & movements

on Saturday 2/06 @8pm sharp during:


WOLKE Address = Sint-Huibrechtstraat 12-14, 1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe and FE5TIWOL INFO on  http://www.w-o-l-k-e.be/node/115

thefreedictionary about "A Stepping Stone":

  • 1. (Physical Geography) one of a series of stones acting as footrests for crossing streams, marshes, etc

  • 2. a circumstance that assists progress towards some goal 

This performance will take you on a journey

And accompanied by music, sounds, visuals & a fragrance,

You are invited to draw your own map.

Please access my INTERVIEW on RADIO WOLKE 
Foto Stepping Stone
Life Recording of this performance will be post-it on June 5  .. Link will follow ..